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Minibus Hire Cheadle

Many times, quality service translates to expensive. We defy the 'norm' and offer unmatched services that are cheap. When visiting Cheadle in Manchester, trust us with your group transport needs. Our vehicles have additional modern upgrades.

The seats are made to recline to different angles for maximum comfort. Whether you are going for a short or a long trip, there will be no back problems after riding with us. Our cars have enough leg room too. Sliding roofs will give you a remarkable view while you are on the move. If you are drained and wish to stand and stretch for a while without stopping, just push open the roof.

Long trips can be boring even with the right company. Our company is committed to making your experience the best you can find. All our units have entertainment systems. On board, you will stay refreshed as we have cooler boxes for all who prefer ice-cold drinks. Routine inspections and regular service of the cars by our engineers and technical team ensure all units are at their best always.

Since clients have different needs, we have various packages. Families going for a getaway, for example, can get an 8-10 seater or a larger 12-14 seater vehicle. Our crew that is happy to serve is always more than willing to take you through all our services. We ensure that we only employ the best. Our vetting process is thorough to ensure that the candidates we admit on board meet the company standards.

The 16-18 seater minibus or coach hire for larger groups should suffice. We are flexible if you wish to have our packages slightly modified to fit your needs. Our team is devoted to our customer's requirements. It works to give a customer experience you cannot find anywhere else. We offer a large variety of choices. The type of car will depend on the client's preference and the nature of the trip. While a customer who takes an 8-10 seat minibus for a wedding may want a luxurious car, a small group going hiking may settle for the same capacity but a very different make.

If you find it convenient to have a car at your disposal as a group and drive yourself around, all you need to do is in front of a driver and prove their competence. A valid driving license will also be necessary. The cars are all installed with a GPS tracking system in case you get lost or need help; we will track you. We have designated drivers for those who would rather have someone drive them. Our crew is very professional and friendly. Since most of them are locals, they are extremely knowledgeable about the area. You will save a lot of time as they know the shortest and most convenient routes.

Whatever fits your requirements, whether the 12,14,16 or the mini coach 18-seaters, our services are unmatched.

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